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Invasive species, water clarity and keeping our environment clean.
The Association celebrates the lake each year with a 4th of July Watercraft Parade. The trophy is coveted year-to-year by the winner. 
The Sand Lake Association mission is: to keep Sand Lake and the surrounding areas clean, invasive species free and safe for all residents and visitors.
Attend the three Association meetings held each year, Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and Saturday of Labor Day Weekend and our Annual Meeting and potluck brunch held mid-summer. 
​ Make sure your watercraft don't have any invasive species on them going in or out of our lake. Be respectful of others on the lake whether in a boat, on a flotation device or swimming and playing in the water. Obide by the no-wake zone that the Assoction membership has agreed to around the "grass island" and the south-end of the lake.

We are a 501C3 charitable organization - all donations are tax deductible, please give generously

Join the Association for a yearly tax deductible donation of $20 or more, pay at a meeting, dropped off or Paypal ($1 service charge for Paypal).
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